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10 September 17

Somalia: 6 people killed in suicide bomb attack

At least six people died when a suicide bomber blew himself up in a restaurant in central Somalia on Sunday.

08 September 17

African innovation in the spotlight as TEDGlobal returns to Tanzania

TEDGlobal, an annual conference “celebrates human ingenuity by exploring ideas, innovation and creativity” returns to Tanzania on Sunday – a decade since the country first hosted the event.

07 September 17

Kenya: Two policemen killed in suspected Al-Shabaab attack

Gunmen killed two police officers guarding a church on Sunday, in an attack which authorities say looks like a terrorist attack.

06 September 17

Africa’s green revolution needs to start form the bottom up

Africa’s agricultural potential is no secret, but it remains unrealised. The only realistic future for African country is a self-sufficient one, where agriculture sectors are strong enough to feed themselves and generate vital income through exports. Famine and food insecurity
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05 September 17

Kenya: Supreme Court overrules Kenyatta election win, orders re-election

Kenya’s Supreme Court has annulled President Uhuru Kenyatta’s August 8 election win, ordering a fresh election be held in October.

04 September 17

Why are Burundians still fleeing, despite government safety claims?

Burundi’s government is calling on refugees from its country to return home, promising it is safe and peaceful. After years of internal conflict, almost half a million Burundis have fled the country and the number of those leaving continues to
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03 September 17

Kenya’s plastic bag ban comes into effect

Kenya’s ban on plastic bags comes into effect this week with offenders facing serious fines or even jail time for breaking the new regulations.

02 September 17

Kenya: Supreme Court orders election body to open its servers for audit

Kenya’s Supreme Court has once again ordered the country’s election body to comply with an audit of its computer servers.

31 August 17

The Gulf-Qatar crisis puts Somalia in a diplomatic tight spot

In June, Somalia’s new president, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, withstood pressure to cut ties with Qatar. While Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt ended diplomatic relations with Qatar, Somalia adopted the neutral stance. Even neighbouring Djibouti reduced diplomatic ties
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30 August 17

Kenya: HRW calls for probe into police role in election violence

Human Rights Watch (HRW) is calling for an investigation into the role of police during election violence earlier this month.


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