05 February 18

Kenya: Police fire tear gas at protestors over TV station closures

Police in Kenya fired tear gas at demonstrators on Monday during a protest demanding the reopening of three TV stations closed for covering opposition activities.

31 January 18

UN official accuses Kenya, Uganda of fuelling South Sudan conflict

A UN official has accused Kenya and Uganda of fuelling South Sudan’s ongoing civil conflict.

30 January 18

30 African refugees drown off the coast of Yemen

At least 30 African refugees have drowned off the coast of Yemen after their boat capsized.

30 January 18

Kenya: 4 killed in Nairobi blaze as fire trucks run out of water

At least four people have been killed and an estimated 6,000 left homeless in a fire in the Lang’ata neighbourhood of Nairobi on Sunday night.

28 January 18

South Sudan ranked among least democratic nations in the world

South Sudan is once against ranked among the world’s least democratic nations in the latest Freedom in the World report by Freedom House.

23 January 18

DRC: 6 protesters killed at anti-Kabila protests

At least six protesters have been killed in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) during protests against the country’s president, Joseph Kabila.

21 January 18

Ethiopia: 5 killed by police during religious festival

At least five people have been killed by police during a religious festival in northern Ethiopia.

14 January 18

South Sudan: Ceasefire broken by both sides, monitors say

An independent body monitoring a ceasefire agreed by South Sudan’s warring political opponents last month says both sides have violated the agreement.

12 January 18

South Sudan investigating suspected Viral Haemorrhagic Fever outbreak

South Sudan is investigating a potential outbreak of viral haemorrhagic fever (VHF) in Yirol East County and Eastern Lakes State.

11 January 18

Ethiopia bans foreigners from adopting children

Ethiopia has banned people from foreign countries adopting children over concerns they face abuse and neglect in their new homes.


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