30 March 18

Kenya: Miguna ‘injected’ and deported unconscious after being detained in toilet

Kenyan opposition politician Miguna Miguna was held down by security officials and injected “with noxious substances” before being deported on Tuesday.

28 March 18

Kenya attempts to deport Miguna Miguna again

Kenyan authorities are trying to deport opposition politician Miguna Miguna for the second time, according to a human rights group in the country.

27 March 18

Ethiopia rearrests opposition leaders, journalists over flag display

Police in Ethiopia arrested 12 opposition leaders and journalists on Sunday – all former political prisoners recently released by the government.

26 March 18

Eritrea tells Ethiopia to deal with its security problems, stop blaming others

Eritrea has responded to accusations from Ethiopia that it has compromised security in its neighbouring country by telling the Ethiopian government to deal with its own problem and stop looking for scapegoats.

22 March 18

Cambridge Analytica implicated in Kenya election fiasco

Cambridge Analytica, the data firm accused of influencing the 2016 Brexit referendum and US presidential election results, has been implicated in Kenya’s election troubles last year.

19 March 18

Burundi announces May 17 date for referendum

Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza has announced the country will hold a referendum on constitutional changes that could extend his rule on May 17.

17 March 18

Rwanda bans mosques from using loudspeakers in Kigali

Mosques in the Rwandan capital of Kigali have been banned from using loudspeakers during calls to prayer.

09 March 18

Kenya: ‘Brothers’ Kenyatta and Odinga vow to resolve differences

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition rival Raila Odinga have promised to resolve their differences and heal the country’s political divide.

06 March 18

Burundi: Two officials arrested after president ‘roughed up’ during amateur football match

Two officials in Burundi have been arrested after President Pierre Nkurunziza was “roughed up” by players for their town’s football team during an amateur match.

05 March 18

Rwanda closes 700 churches over noise pollution, building regulations

Rwanda has closed around 700 churches and one mosque for failing to comply with building regulations and creating noise pollution.


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