17 November 16

UN: Overseas Help Building Eritrean Military Base Violates Arms Embargo

The UN has warned that foreign nations helping Eritrea to build a new military base are violating an arms embargo placed on the country.

09 November 16

Tanzania President Denies Suppressing Democracy

Tanzania President John Magufuli has denied criticism that his regime is “suppressing democracy” for the sake of developing the country’s economy.

25 October 16

UN Accuses Israel of Suppling South Sudan with Weapons

A confidential report from the United Nations accuses Israel of fuelling the civil war in South Sudan, according to reports.

20 October 16

Tanzania Says No to Conditional Aid

Tanzania has refused to accept financial aid under conditions set out by donors from the international community.

15 October 16

Burundi Votes to Leave ICC

Burundi’s government has voted to leave the International Criminal Court (ICC) with an overwhelming majority.

14 October 16

Salva Kiir Not Dead, South Sudanese Government Insists

South Sudan’s Information Minister has denied rumours that the country’s president has died.

11 October 16

South Sudan: Journalist In Hiding After Reports on Leaders’ War Profiteering

A South Sudanese journalist and human right activist is on the run from security forces after being accused of providing information for a recent Sentry Report that revealed war profiteering by the country’s leaders.

10 October 16

Somali Presidential Candidate Targets Corruption

Somalia’s first female presidential candidate says she is out to “destroy” corruption in the country.

29 September 16

South Sudan: Riek Machar Calls for Armed Fight Against Government

South Sudan’s former vice-president and rebel leader Riek Machar is calling for an armed struggle against President Salva Kiir’s government.

24 September 16

Tanzania: Five Charged with Cybercrime for Insulting President

Five Tanzanians have been charged with cybercrime for criticising President John Magufuli on WhatsApp social media.


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