Donald Trump Stars in Latest Al-Shabaab Recruitment Film


US Republican Candidate Donald Trump plays a starring role in one of the latest Al-Shabaab recruitment videos.

The billionaire presidential candidate is seen in a section of the video calling for all Muslims to be banned from entering the US. The Republican’s televised immigration proposal has been used in an Al-Shabaab propaganda film that labels the US as a racially aggressive nation.


Starring role

Trump’s contribution to the Al-Shabaab’s latest recruitment efforts comes after rival Hilary Clinton claimed the Islamic State (IS) was using footage of him in recruitment films.

“He is becoming ISIS’ best recruiter,” Clinton said in a recent press conference. No IS recruitment video featuring the Republican surfaced, though, leaving her claims under question – and Trump branding his rival a liar.

However, it turns out Somalia’s Islamist group Al-Shabaab – which is torn between allegiances to Al-Queda and IS – quite liked the idea. And now Trump has finally landed his leading role in a propaganda film for the largest Islamist militant group in the Horn of Africa.


Heavy criticism

Trump’s call for a “complete shutdown of all Muslims” entering the US has been widely criticised by world leaders, as global tension escalates due to the rise of the Islamic State. Hilary Clinton isn’t the only figure to claim Trump has become a recruitment tool for Islamist militant groups.

Ibrahim Hooper, National Communication Director of The Council on American-Islamic Relations has been quoted as saying “We firmly believe that Donald Trump is doing the work of Isis.”

The latest recruitment video from Al-Shabaab labels the US as racially aggressive – not only against Muslims, but also other ethnic minorities in its own country. Footage of police violence and high-profile shootings of black individuals in the States has also been used as part of the anti-US rhetoric. The film urges people in the US to convert to Islam and fight against what it deems racial oppression against Muslims and other ethnic groups.


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