Kenya: 38 Injured in Security Scare at Kenyatta University


At least 38 students and staff were injured during a security scare at Kenyatta University on Friday.

The terror alert is the latest in a string of false alarms to injure scores of people at Kenyan universities, following the attack on Garissa University College that killed 148 people last year.


Security scare at Kenyatta University

The security scare at Kenyatta University caused a stampede of people trying to evacuate. Many left with fractured legs or soft tissue wounds, while many others were left in shock.

Mixed reports have surfaced about the root cause of the security scare. Some students have claimed it stemmed from a fight between students in the library. Others say the scramble occurred after a faulty elevator in the library collapsed, causing people to panic.

Some students reportedly jumped out of windows through fear of an attack.


Universities, students on high-alert

Universities remain on high-alert after the attack on Garissa University College last year. However, memories of the Al-Shabaab attack are still strong with students and staff too it seems. The incident at Kenyatta University comes a matter of days after 20 students were injured in a similar scare at Moi University.

An electrical fault caused an explosion on the university’s main campus, which was mistaken for a terrorist attack. One student reportedly shouted “Al-Shabaab,” causing a panic, which prompted some students to jump through windows in an escape bid.

In December last year, a bungled security drill at Strathmore University was mistaken for a terrorist attack – not only by students and staff, but briefly the media as well. One person died in the panic and 30 others were injured.



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