Kenya Finds Weapons, Drugs on Norwegian Ship


Kenya security agents have confirmed weapons and drugs have been found on a ship they intercepted last week.

The narcotics were found inside the tyres of trucks which were to be delivered as part of a UN peacekeeping mission; while the weapons were found inside UN vehicles, according to Heoh Autoliners, the Norwegian firm that owns the ship.

The East African drug route

East Africa has become a major export route for Afghan heroin, as it makes its way to Europe. It hasn’t yet been confirmed what type of drugs were found on the ship, but reports have mentioned white powder, which fits the description of heroin in its purest form.

In July Kenyan police seized 341.7 kg of heroin concealed in a ship’s fuel tank, while Australian warships have seized heroin in the region, on two separate occasions, in little more than a year. Kenyan resources are stretched and struggle to cope with being targeted as a smuggle route.

Weapons found in UN vehicles

According to Heoh Autoliners, the Norwegian firm that owns the ship, the weapons found on board were discovered inside UN vehicles.

“It is our understanding that these weapons belong the the UN vehicle in which they were found, and were there for use by the UN during their peacekeeping mission,” said a statement on the company’s website. ”

“The weapons were not declared to us at the time the cargo was loaded, and the fact that weapons were in the vehicles is in violation of our terms of transportation, which clearly states that no arms or ammunition are accepted for shipment.”

The firm’s only statement regarding the substance found aboard its ship was that it has “no clear information at this point as to whether this is correct or not”. Kenyan authorities are still working to collect all the weapons and test the drugs for confirmation.


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