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17 February 18

How Africa is trading away its long-term financial security

A lot is said about China’s growing investment in Africa – particularly from Western media outlets which like to paint the Asian powerhouse as taking advantage of African nations. It’s an interesting narrative given the history Western powers have with
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13 January 18

Ethiopia-Djibouti railway begins commercial operations

A 756-km rail project connecting landlocked Ethiopia with Djibouti has officially started commercial operation.

17 November 17

Djibouti signs $bn gas project deal with China’s POLY-GCL

Djibouti has signed a preliminary deal for a $4bn gas project with Chinese firm POLY-GCL Petroleum Group Holdings Ltd.

25 July 17

China open to sending peacekeeper troops to Djibouti-Eritrea

China says it is open to the idea of sending peacekeeper troops to the disputed Djibouti-Eritrea border region.

24 July 17

Lessons from China: The pros and cons of rapid development

The rapid economic development of countries like Ethiopia and Rwanda are well documented. Or, more accurately, the benefits of Africa’s economic surge are widely applauded but the potential downsides of growing too much, too quickly are rarely discussed. Yet the
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13 July 17

Chinese investment in Africa is bigger than anyone realised

A lot of questions have been asked about China’s rapid investment in African nations over the last two decades. Western powers are sceptical about the intentions of China and quick to speculate the potential dangers of Africa becoming too reliant
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17 May 17

Why China might be better for Africa than the West likes to admit

China’s epic investment in the African continent raises eyebrows across the West and numerous voices who are quick to criticise the Asia powerhouse’s intentions. China is trying to muscle in on Africa’s natural resources, tie its countries up with dodgy loan
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20 April 17

Chinese investors want to turn Port of Djibouti into the the ‘Shekou of East Africa’

China Merchant Group (CMG) says it plans are in motion to turn the Port of Djibouti into the “Shekou of East Africa”.

11 July 16

Sorry Africa, There’s No ‘Chinese Dream’ for Migrants

China’s growing interest in all things African is well documented. It’s not just Chinese money flowing into Africa, though – more than a million Chinese migrants have moved to African nations over the last few decades. After building Chinatowns in Kenya, Nigeria
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28 June 16

Djibouti and China to Build Global Trade Routes

Djibouti and China are teaming up to build global trade routes, including a $7bn free trade zone (FTZ) – set to be the largest in Africa.


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