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02 July 17

South Sudan: Cholera outbreak could kill thousands, officials say

Doctors, aid workers and officials in South Sudan are warning of a cholera outbreak that could kill thousands of people in the world’s youngest nation.

15 May 17

South Sudan: President says ousted army chief “in a fighting mood”

South Sudan President Salva Kiir said on Friday that sacked army chief Paul Malong was ” in a fighting mood” when he last spoke to the military official.

11 May 17

UN: 2m children displaced by South Sudan crisis

The UN says South Sudan’s ongoing civil conflict has forced more than two million children to flee their homes.

25 April 17

UN: Human rights abuses in South Sudan still going unpunished

Human rights abuses are still going unpunished in South Sudan, according to the Human Rights Director for the United Nations Mission (UNMISS).

17 April 17

Does South Sudan’s conflict qualify as genocide?

On Wednesday, Britain’s International Development Secretary Priti Patel labelled South Sudan’s ongoing conflict as a genocide. Her comments were prompted by a recent visit to the world’s youngest nation where she experienced first hand some of the conditions people are living
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27 March 17

Is South Sudan standing by as its people suffer?

On Thursday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres accused South Sudan’s government of ignoring the plight suffered by more than half the country’s population. His comments refer to the growing threat of famine in South Sudan, which is already threatening the lives of
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25 February 17

South Sudan accused of blocking aid to famine victims

The head of the UN Mission in South Sudan, David Shearer, says the country’s government is still blocking aid to famine victims, despite promising “unimpeded access” on Tuesday.

03 February 17

Uganda rules out South Sudan military intervention

Uganda says imposing an external “trusteeship” government upon South Sudan would only make the situation worse in the troubled country.

19 January 17

South Sudan minister accuses Troika nations of plotting regime change

A South Sudan Army (SPLA) official claims US, British and Norwegian governments are attempting to instigate regime change in the young African state.

29 September 16

South Sudan: Riek Machar Calls for Armed Fight Against Government

South Sudan’s former vice-president and rebel leader Riek Machar is calling for an armed struggle against President Salva Kiir’s government.


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