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09 November 17

UN: South Sudan government using food as a weapon of war

South Sudan’s government is using food as a weapon of war against civilians, according to a United Nations sanction monitors report, seen by Reuters last week.

28 September 17

Eritrea warns UN: Ethiopian ‘occupation’ of border region threatens security in Horn of Africa

The Eritrean government has warned the UNited Nations that Ethiopia’s ongoing encroachment into Eritrean land is a threat to security in the Horn of Africa.

24 May 17

UN: South Sudan guilty of killing civilians, possible war crimes

The UN on Friday accused South Sudanese soldiers of killing over 100 civilians and other atrocities that may constitute war crimes during the second half of last year.

11 May 17

UN: 2m children displaced by South Sudan crisis

The UN says South Sudan’s ongoing civil conflict has forced more than two million children to flee their homes.

05 May 17

UN calls on Ethiopia to allow opposition

The UN’s human rights chief is calling on the Ethiopian government to allow political opposition in the country.

27 March 17

Is South Sudan standing by as its people suffer?

On Thursday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres accused South Sudan’s government of ignoring the plight suffered by more than half the country’s population. His comments refer to the growing threat of famine in South Sudan, which is already threatening the lives of
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17 November 16

UN: Overseas Help Building Eritrean Military Base Violates Arms Embargo

The UN has warned that foreign nations helping Eritrea to build a new military base are violating an arms embargo placed on the country.

15 June 16

UN Accuses Eritrea Leaders of Crimes Against Humanity

The United Nations has accused Eritrea’s government of committing crimes against humanity for the last 25 years.

02 June 16

UN Renews Sanctions Against South Sudan

The United Nations has unanimously voted to renew and extend sanctions against the country of South Sudan.

23 May 16

Environment Declining ‘Faster Than Thought,’ Says UN Ahead of Kenya Assembly

The world’s health is declining faster than expected, the UN has said ahead of its environment assembly in the Kenyan capital this week.


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