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20 December 17

Uganda: MPs vote to remove presidential age limit

Lawmakers in Uganda voted overwhelmingly in favour of removing constitutional age limitations for presidential candidates on Wednesday, paving the way for Yoweri Museveni to run for a sixth term as president in 2021.

19 October 17

Uganda bans protests over presidential age limit plans

Uganda has banned “illegal” protests over plans to remove presidential age limits from the country’s constitution that would allow Yoweri Museveni to continue running in elections.

09 October 17

Uganda officially proposes law to extent Museveni reign

Lawmakers in Uganda introduced a bill that will allow President Yoweri Museveni to extend his reign in power on Tuesday.

28 September 17

Uganda: Lawmakers throw punches, chairs in parliament brawl

Lawmakers in Uganda threw punches and chairs during a live parliamentary session on Tuesday that ended in a televised brawl.

26 July 17

Uganda: 56 people arrested over illegal meetings

Police in Uganda have arrested 56 people for holding illegal meetings, authorities said on Thursday.

16 April 17

Uganda: Woman detained for criticising president refuses psychiatric exam

A Ugandan woman detained for criticising the country’s president has resisted attempts to force psychiatric exams upon her, according to her lawyer.

12 September 16

Kizza Besigye: I’m Better Off Dying in Museveni Fight

Uganda’s main opponent to President Museveni says he’d sooner die in the fight against his rival than abandon his cause.

01 June 16

Uganda: Opposition MPs Walk Out on Museveni

Two opposition MPs stormed out of a conference on Tuesday in the middle of President Yoweri Museveni’s State-of-the-Nation address.

18 May 16

Uganda: Kizza Besigye Charged With Treason

Uganda’s main opposition leader and biggest rival to President Yoweri Museveni has been charged with treason.

28 February 16

Uganda: President Slams ICC at Inauguration For Fifth Term

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni was sworn in for his controversial fifth term on Thursday, using the opportunity to take another swipe at the International Criminal Court (ICC).


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