UN Renews Sanctions Against South Sudan


The United Nations has unanimously voted to renew and extend sanctions against the country of South Sudan.

The security council said that, while it welcomes the return of Riek Machar and the establishment of a transitional government, it has deep concerns over the failure to fully implement the country’s fractured peace deal.


Slow progress in South Sudan

More than a month since Riek Machar returned to South Sudan little appears to have changed. His arrival was supposed to mark the beginning of peace for the war-torn country, yet the reports of violence continue to emerge.

Meanwhile, the feud between his armed opposition group and government forces shows little signs of ending.

The international community has been vocal in demanding a quick resolution to South Sudan’s security crisis. The UN had warned sanctions would be renewed and possibly extended if progress wasn’t quick and a unanimous vote from the security council means that process has now begun.


Sanctions renewed, more could follow

While the UN agreed unanimously to renew existing sanctions, it was unable to agree on an arms embargo. The US was in favour of the move, however Russia is among the opponents of extending sanctions against South Sudan.

“We do not accept a situation when in place of serious political work, somebody tries to use sanctions particularly through the Security Council,” Russia’s deputy Permanent Representative, Ambassador Peter Lliichev said.

This left the UN requesting a special report about the flow of weapons into South Sudan. The country’s government and rebels are known to be stockpiling weapons, despite a peace accord signed last August.


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