US conducts air strike against Al-Shabaab training base


The US conducted an air strike against an Al-Shabaab training base in Somalia on Sunday, the Pentagon has confirmed.

The strike is the first conducted by the US since President Trump granted its forces new authorities to target the militant group. It comes after President Mohamed Abdullahi promised a response to recent attacks carried out by Al-Shabaab.


Al-Shabaab base destroyed

Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi confirmed the air strike on Sunday.

“Earlier today, I authorised our special forces with the support of our international partners to conduct a strike against an al Shabaab training camp near Sakow,” he said in a statement.

“This was a successful strike that destroyed a key Al-Shabaab command and supply hub. This will ultimately disrupt the enemy’s ability to conduct new attacks within Somalia.”

The base was located in the Middle Juba region in southern Somalia. The strike was carried out by US forces in coordination with regional partners. Eight militants are reported to have been killed in the air strike.


Response to recent attacks

On Thursday, Al-Shabaab killed 59 people in an attack on a military base in the semi-autonomous Puntland region in northern Somalia. The attack prompted President Abdullahi to promise a “no mercy” response against the militant group.

Al-Shabaab is yet to release any kind of statement following the attack, but it tends to play down the significance of strikes conducted against its bases.


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