How gender equality can build a prosperous Somalia

The challenges of gender inequality in Somalia have become

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Only a happier Ethiopia guarantees Egypt’s water security

The longest river of our planet, the Nile is

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How popular is Abiy Ahmed in Ethiopia as election looms?

With elections looming, Ethiopia finds itself at yet another

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Politics & Power

Uganda: Court orders security forces to leave Bobi Wine’s property

A court in Uganda has ordered the military and police to leave the home of opposition leader Bobi Wine.

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Money & Markets

Burundi has worst internet accessibility in the world

The latest Internet Accessibility Index ranks Burundi as the country with the worst internet accessibility in the world.

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Health & Security

DRC: New Ebola outbreak confirmed, cases announced in Guinea

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has confirmed a new outbreak of the Ebola virus with at least four confirmed cases.

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Energy & Environment

Tanzania: Kilimanjaro fire now under control

Authorities in Tanzania on Saturday said a fire on Africa’s largest mountain, Kilimanjaro, was under control.

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