How gender equality can build a prosperous Somalia

The challenges of gender inequality in Somalia have become

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Only a happier Ethiopia guarantees Egypt’s water security

The longest river of our planet, the Nile is

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How popular is Abiy Ahmed in Ethiopia as election looms?

With elections looming, Ethiopia finds itself at yet another

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Politics & Power

UN investigation raises concerns over Burundi election violence

The United Nations’ Commission of Inquiry on Burundi has accused the ruling party and authorities in the country of using strategic violence to influence

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Money & Markets

Kenyan lawmakers seek Chinese railway cost reduction

Lawmakers in Kenya are pushing to reduce the operating costs of a Chinese-built railway, calling for a renegotiation of the Chinese loan terms used

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Health & Security

Kenya: Pupils set to return to class on October 19

Schoolchildren in Kenya are set to return to the classroom on October 19 – for the first time since Covid-19 restrictions closed education facilities

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Energy & Environment

Uganda rejects plans for Murchison Falls dam

Lawmakers in Uganda have rejected government plans to build a hydropower dam at the Murchison Falls national park.

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