50 killed in week of violence in eastern Ethiopia


At least 50 people have been killed and more than 50,000 displaced during a week of clashes between Ethiopia’s Oromo and Somali ethnic groups.

The outbreak of violence prompted the government to send military forces into the two regions, little more than a month since the country’s state of emergency was lifted. State-owned media channels say the two areas will be placed under the control of Ethiopia’s national army and that regional forces will have to keep away from their shared border.


At least 50 killed

Sources from both regions admitted last week that at least 50 people had been killed in clashes. However, spokesmen from the neighbouring areas both point the finger at the opposing region.

Numerous officials in Oromiya claim the violence started after the killing of a local district head and raids carried out by regional forces from the Somali region. However, Somali officials deny those claims, insisting 50 ethnic Somalis were killed in the town of Aweday in Oromiya on Tuesday.


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