Africa’s youngest billionaire abducted in Tanzania


Africas youngest billionaire has been abducted by gunmen in the Tanzanian capital of Dar Es Salaam.

Authorities say they have arrested twenty people in connection with Mohammed Dewji’s kidnapping, including three gunmen. The 43-year-old was on his way to his morning workout at the gym of his hotel when he was abducted by “whites travelling in two vehicles,” according to regional governor Paul Makonda.

Africa’s youngest billionaire kidnapped

Mohammed Dewji is the CEO of MeTL Group, a Tanzanian conglomerate founded by his father in the 1970s, which now operates in more than 10 countries. He’s also the primary shareholder in Dar es Salaam football club, Simba FC.

According to Forbes, Dewji is worth $1.5 billion and currently ranks 17th on the list of African billionaires despite being the youngest person on the list. He became the first Tanzanian to be featured in Forbes in 2013 and went on to be named as Forbes’ African Person of the Year in 2016.

Dewji was born in Singida, Tanzania, in 1975 and went on to study at Georgetown University, one of the world’s leading academic and research institutions in Washington DC. Upon graduation, he returned home and assumed management of Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Limited (MeTL), the trading group founded by his father.

Between 2005-2015, he also served as a member of Parliament for his Singida Urban District, where he was born.

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