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06 May 16

What Can the International Community Do About the Burundi Crisis?

With all efforts to resolve the Burundi crisis appearing to have reached stalemate, blood continues to flow in the conflict-ridden country. The United Nations, European Union, US and African Union (AU) have all been heavily involved in dialogue, but so
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04 May 16

Tanzania: Over 60 Percent of Land Turning Into Desert

Tanzania’s Minister for Environment January Makamba has warned that 61 percent of the country’s land is on the verge of turning into desert.

03 May 16

Ethiopia Calls on Private Sector to Help Battle Drought, Restore Land

The Ethiopian government is calling on the country’s private sector for help in its battle against drought and land restoration efforts.

03 May 16

Somali Refugee Sets Fire to Herself on Nauru Island

A young Somali woman is in critical condition after setting herself on fire on the island of Nauru.

30 April 16

South Sudan Forms Transitional Government

South Sudan’s reunited leaders have established a long-awaited transitional government as part of the nation’s peace process.

29 April 16

US Pledges $90m to South Sudan on Condition of Peace

The US has pledged an extra $90m of aid to South Sudan following the arrival of Riek Machar, but threatened fresh sanctions if the country’s reunited leaders fail to establish peace.

28 April 16

South Sudan: Machar Sworn in as First Vice President

South Sudan’s armed opposition leader Riek Machar has been sworn in as the country’s First Vice President following his return to the capital.

27 April 16

ISIS Claims Its First Attack In Somalia

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a terror attack in Somalia – its first carried out in East Africa.

27 April 16

South Sudan: Riek Machar Arrives in Juba

South Sudan’s main opposition leader and vice president Riek Machar has arrived in the capital.

25 April 16

South Sudan: Deal Agreed to Bring Machar to Juba

South Sudan’s government has accepted a proposal by the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) that will bring rebel leader Riek Machar back to the capital.


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