Burundi: 6 people killed by floods in Bujumbura


At least six people have been killed during torrential rains that caused floods, landslides and widespread damage in Burundi’s capital city.

Bujumbura was hit by a month’s worth of rain overnight in a downpour that destroyed hundreds of homes and injured dozens. Several districts were still flooded the following day, long after the rains had stopped.


‘A real disaster’

“Torrential rains and strong winds struck several provinces last night,” Vice President Gaston Sindimwo said on Friday. “In the northwestern town of Mabayi, a landslide smothered several houses, and rescuers found five victims.”

A soldier was also killed when heavy rain swept through the Kinama neighbourhood during the night.

“It’s a real disaster,” Sindimwo said. “Several other people were injured and we have so far counted 162 destroyed homes.”


Unpredictable rainfalls

Burundi’s capital rests along the shores of Lake Tanganyika, meaning Bujumbura has a unique climate compared to the rest of the country. Between the months of November and April, the city can expect around 100mm of rain per month until the dry season starts, lasting until October.

This is in contrast to the rest of the country’s two rainy seasons throughout the year. Burundi’s annual rainfall is below that of most tropical countries, meaning heavy storms can bring a month’s rainfall in one spell, which is precisely what happened on Thursday night.


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