19 January 17

Tanzania: We have plenty of food, ministers tell public

Tanzania’s prime minister and minister of agriculture both reassured the public this week that the country has plenty of food, amid doubt concerns in the East African nation.

11 September 16

Tanzania: Earthquake Kills 16 People, More than 250 Injured

A 5.9 magnitude earthquake has killed at least 16 people and injured more than 250 in northwest Tanzania.

06 September 16

East Africa Steps Up Fight Against Crippling Maize Disease

East African nations are making steady progress in the battle against a crippling maize disease that’s ravaging crops in the region.

28 June 16

Rwanda: Calls for More Research to Fight Climate Change

Experts in Rwanda are calling for more research and innovation in the country’s battle against climate change.

11 June 16

Kenya Ranked Among Top Nations for Green Power

Kenya has been ranked as one of the world’s leading nations for green power in the latest Renewables Global Status report.

23 May 16

Environment Declining ‘Faster Than Thought,’ Says UN Ahead of Kenya Assembly

The world’s health is declining faster than expected, the UN has said ahead of its environment assembly in the Kenyan capital this week.

12 May 16

Ethiopia: 41 Killed in Landslide

At least 41 people have been killed by landslides in Ethiopia’s southwestern Wolaita zone, following heavy rains on Monday.

09 May 16

Tanzania Announces Plans For Uganda Gas Pipeline

Tanzania announced plans on Wednesday to build a pipeline to supply neighbouring country Uganda with natural gas.

09 May 16

Africa’s ‘Great Green Wall’ to Battle Desertification, Famine & Extremism

Plans to plant a green wall of trees across Africa will not only battle desertification but also famine, extremism and a number of other challenges facing the continent, according to experts.

04 May 16

Tanzania: Over 60 Percent of Land Turning Into Desert

Tanzania’s Minister for Environment January Makamba has warned that 61 percent of the country’s land is on the verge of turning into desert.


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