31 January 16

British Helicopter Pilot Killed by Poachers in Tanzania

A British helicopter pilot has been shot dead by Tanzanian poachers, according to the charity he was working for.

01 January 16

Tanzania Resorts to Fossil Fuels as Drought Cripples Hydropower

Tanzania is turning to fossil fuels as it struggles to produce enough electricity, following a prolonged drought that has crippled the country’s hydropower plants.

03 December 15

Ethiopia Plunged into Darkness As Drought Dries Dams

Ethiopia is facing nationwide power cuts as a result of low water levels at dams, following a poor rainy season, officials have reported.

30 November 15

Kenya President Lands in Paris Ahead of Climate Talks

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta arrived in Paris on Sunday, ahead of the 2015 Climate Change Summit, which begins today.

30 November 15

Displaced Kenyans Question How Sh500m El Niño Money Was Used

Displaced families in Kenya’s largest city are demanding an explanation of how Sh5 billion (£32m) set aside for El Niño has been spent.

15 November 15

Africa Could Lead the Way on Renewable Energy, Says IEA

Africa has been touted the first region in the world which could power its development through renewable energy.

20 October 15

IFC Launches $5m Mini-Grid Program to Boost Energy Access in Tanzania

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) has unveiled a $5 million program that will increase access to energy in Tanzania.

16 October 15

Ethiopia, Djibouti Sign $1.1bn Pipeline Deal

Ethiopia and Djibouti have signed a $1.1bn (over £71m) deal to construct a 550km petroleum pipeline between the two countries.

13 October 15

Scientists Expect Drier Horn of Africa As Climate Warms

The Horn of Africa is becoming drier, as global temperatures continue to rise, according to a new study.

30 September 15

First Successful Kidney Transplants Conducted in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has conducted its first successful kidney transplants with the help of US university surgeons. Three kidney transplants have been successfully completed at St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – the first in the country. A
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