14 April 16

Oxfam Accuses World Bank of Funding Tax Cheats in Africa

British non-profit organisation Oxfam has accused World Bank of funding potential tax cheats in Africa.

12 April 16

Senators Call For CBK Governor Questioning Over Collapsed Banks

Senators in Kenya have called on the Director of Criminal Investigations to question Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) governor Patrick Njoroge and senior officials following the collapse of Chase Bank.

12 April 16

Tanzania to Export Electricity to Kenya in $300 million Deal

Tanzania is set to begin exporting electricity to Kenya within the next two years, as part of a $300 million deal between the neighbouring countries.

11 April 16

Kenya: Chase Bank Placed Under Receivership by CBK

A Kenyan retail bank has been placed under receivership by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) following financial difficulties.

06 April 16

African Nations Implicated in Panama Papers Scandal

A number of African nations have been implicated in the Panama Papers scandal, in which millions of leaked documents reveal the offshore tax havens of world leaders, high-profile politicians and some of the world’s richest.

02 April 16

EU to Cut Burundi Peacekeeping Funds

The EU plans to cut funding for Burundi’s peacekeeping contingent currently operating in Somalia.

28 March 16

Tanzania Joins Kenya, Uganda in Oil Pipeline Discussions

Tanzania has joined Kenya and Uganda in discussions to resolve the troubled oil pipeline project that has united and divided the three countries in recent years.

27 March 16

Is the West Right to Fear China’s Growing Investment in Africa?

There’s some strong discourse coming out of “Western” powers – most notably the US – over China’s growing investment in African nations. There are various angles being thrown about too: the dangers of Chinese expansion across the world, the threat
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27 March 16

World Bank Warns Kenya Over Chinese Loans

The Word Bank has warned Kenya that its growing intake of Chinese loans could put the nation’s economy at risk.

26 March 16

Kenya President to Attend Trade, Peace Talks in France and Germany

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta will travel to France and Germany next month to attend trade and peace talks in the two nations.


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