10 August 16

Brain Drain of Doctors Costs Africa Over $2 billion

The brain drain of African doctors has cost the continent more than $2 billion, according to Kenya’s Education Secretary, Dr Fred Matiangi.

31 July 16

Kenyan Betting Firm Criticised for Sponsoring UK Premiership Club

Kenyan betting company SportsPesa has angered people in its homeland after striking a sponsorship deal with UK Premier League club Hull City.

21 July 16

Kenya: Oil Pipeline Deal with Ethiopia Now in Doubt

Kenya’s oil pipeline troubles look set to continue after Ethiopia denied claims of a deal between the two countries.

18 July 16

Ethiopia: Tourism Hits Record High in 2015

Ethiopia’s tourism industry is booming after revenue jumped 20.7 percent to a record $3.5 billion in 2015. 

17 July 16

Ethiopia Aims to Be Africa’s Top Manufacturer

Ethiopia’s economic growth over the last decade has captured the world’s attention. However, manufacturing is a key sector where the country still falls below the African average – and plans are in motion to change that.

03 July 16

South Sudan Accuses Donors for Not Supporting Peace

South Sudan’s government has accused international donors of failing to support the nation’s peace process.

28 June 16

Djibouti and China to Build Global Trade Routes

Djibouti and China are teaming up to build global trade routes, including a $7bn free trade zone (FTZ) – set to be the largest in Africa.

23 June 16

South Sudan Pound Weakens Further Against US Dollar

The South Sudanese pound has weakened further against the US dollar as the war-torn country’s economy continues to deteriorate.

23 June 16

Troika Nations Deny Threat to Stop South Sudan Funds

A group of major donors to South Sudan have denied reports they threatened to starve the country of funds unless the controversial 28 states decree was revoked.

01 June 16

World Bank Warns Tanzania Against Relying on Chinese Investment

The World Bank has warned Tanzania against becoming over-reliant on Chinese investment as the country seeks to continue its economic growth.


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