20 April 17

Chinese investors want to turn Port of Djibouti into the the ‘Shekou of East Africa’

China Merchant Group (CMG) says it plans are in motion to turn the Port of Djibouti into the “Shekou of East Africa”.

14 April 17

Tanzania seals $205m investment deal with EU

The European Union (EU) has agreed to provide Tanzania with budget support to the sum of $205m (TS487bn) over the next four years.

27 March 17

Burundi: IDA provides USD40 million for poorest households

  The International Development Association (IDA) has provided an additional $40 million through the World Bank to help support Burundi’s poorest households.

15 February 17

Tanzanian schools criticised for expelling pregnant girls, sexual abuse and corporal punishment

Human Rights Watch has criticised schools in Tanzania for widespread sexual abuse, corporal punishment and a policy for kicking out pregnant girls.

30 January 17

Rwanda failing to produce quality meat as prices rise, bird flu spreads

Rwanda is facing a meat shortage as prices in the country continue to rise and a bird flu outbreak spreads across Africa.

28 November 16

Uganda: Bridge Schools Accused of ‘Teaching Pornography’

Uganda’s government has accused Bridge International Academies of “teaching pornography” after dozens of its schools were recently shut down.

05 November 16

Kenya, Tanzania Move to Restore Economic Ties

Tanzania President John Magufuli is making his first state visit to Kenya since he took office last October, as the two countries aim to rebuild their economic ties.

28 October 16

World Bank Urges Tanzania to Reform Tax System

A new report from the Word Bank is urging Tanzania to reform its tax system, in order to maintain its impressive rate of economic growth.

11 October 16

Zanzibar: Islanders Urged to Support Industrial Development

Zanzibar’s Minister for Trade, Industry and Marketing is calling on members of the public to support the semi-autonomous archipelago’s industrial economic plans.

08 October 16

AMISOM Receives $200m from EU to Pay Its Soldiers

The European Union (EU) is set to contribute more than Sh20 billion (around $200m) to the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).


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