11 October 16

Zanzibar: Islanders Urged to Support Industrial Development

Zanzibar’s Minister for Trade, Industry and Marketing is calling on members of the public to support the semi-autonomous archipelago’s industrial economic plans.

08 October 16

AMISOM Receives $200m from EU to Pay Its Soldiers

The European Union (EU) is set to contribute more than Sh20 billion (around $200m) to the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

30 September 16

African Nations Urged to Invest in ‘Blue Economy’

African nations should invest more into the blue economy – which includes fisheries, marine biotechnology, aquaculture, tourism and transport – according to African ministers.

09 September 16

EAC Comes Under Question Over Trade Deal with Europe

The East African Community (EAC) is being questioned after negotiations over a trade deal with Europe revealed cracks in the bloc’s unity.

11 August 16

South Sudan Seeks $1.9 Billion Loan from China

South Sudan says it is seeking a $1.9 billion loan from China to develop its oil fields and roads.

10 August 16

Brain Drain of Doctors Costs Africa Over $2 billion

The brain drain of African doctors has cost the continent more than $2 billion, according to Kenya’s Education Secretary, Dr Fred Matiangi.

31 July 16

Kenyan Betting Firm Criticised for Sponsoring UK Premiership Club

Kenyan betting company SportsPesa has angered people in its homeland after striking a sponsorship deal with UK Premier League club Hull City.

21 July 16

Kenya: Oil Pipeline Deal with Ethiopia Now in Doubt

Kenya’s oil pipeline troubles look set to continue after Ethiopia denied claims of a deal between the two countries.

18 July 16

Ethiopia: Tourism Hits Record High in 2015

Ethiopia’s tourism industry is booming after revenue jumped 20.7 percent to a record $3.5 billion in 2015. 

17 July 16

Ethiopia Aims to Be Africa’s Top Manufacturer

Ethiopia’s economic growth over the last decade has captured the world’s attention. However, manufacturing is a key sector where the country still falls below the African average – and plans are in motion to change that.


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