01 June 16

Is Kenya Losing Its Powerhouse Status in East Africa?

As little as five years ago, Kenya was the undisputed powerhouse of the East African region. And, while the government insists that position in unassailable, it looks like a transition of power could be on the cards. Some experts from within
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31 May 16

Rwanda: RSSB Under Pressure Over Investment Choices

Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB), the country’s only pension custodian, is under the spotlight once again, after a report looking into its investment decisions was released by the Auditor-General.

27 May 16

Kenya: Nairobi Shortlisted for Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Cities Project

The Kenyan capital Nairobi has been shortlisted to be included in the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities project.

23 May 16

Sudan Plans New Measures to Curb Rising Dollar Prices

Sudan’s government on Saturday said it plans to announce new measures over the coming weeks to curb the rising cost of US dollar prices on the black market.

23 May 16

Oil Rebound Puts Pressure on East African Economies

Crude oil’s continued rebound is putting pressure on East African countries as prices and inflation rates fluctuate across the region.

18 May 16

Ethiopian Airlines to Expand Operations in India

Ethiopian Airlines is continuing its overseas expansion amid plans to extend operations in India.

11 May 16

UPS to Deliver Blood By Drones in Rwanda

US global delivery firm UPS is backing a startup drone project in Rwanda to deliver blood and vaccines across the country.

06 May 16

Kenya: Farmers Ditch Coffee For Macadamias

Farmers in the Kenyan counties of Nyeri and Murang’a are increasingly turning to macadamia nuts due to poor profits from the coffee market.

30 April 16

Kenya: Central Bank Seizes Sh8bn from Disgraced Chase Bank Directors

The Central Bank of Kenya has seized Sh8 billion (almost $80m) from Chase Bank directors who brought down the bank by gifting themselves interest-free loans.

29 April 16

Kenya Airways Pilots Strike, Defy Court Order

Kenya Airways pilots defied a court order and agreement with management to stage a strike on Thursday.


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