Clan Violence Kills 14 in Central Somalia


At least 14 people have been killed and 20 more injured in a spate of clan violence in central Somalia on Monday.

The clash broke out after a checkpoint dispute between armed militia from two separate clans, near the border with Ethiopia. The dispute came after one of the militias demanded money from tax generated funds, according to a local resident.


Continued clan violence

Clan violence is nothing new to Somalia, however local administrators have been criticised for not intervening in the battle between the two groups. Water disputes, agricultural rows and political agendas have caused numerous outbreaks of violence between rival clans in the central region of Somalia.

The government has also been accused of fuelling conflict between the volatile groups. In March 12 people were killed in an earlier clash between clans in the area, over a long-standing land dispute between the groups. Ceasefires between clashing clans have been regularly proposed, but no lasting peace has ever materialised.


The effect on local residents

Outbreaks of clan violence only add to the conflict-ridden life people are forced to lead in Somlia, where extremist group Al-Shabaab has bombarded the nation with deadly attacks.

The impact on local residents has been huge, with millions of Somali refugees fleeing the country in fear of their lives. Drought and rising famine have also been a contributing factor to the exodus of Somali citizens, but Kenya and Ethiopia both saw a dramatic rise in Somali refugee arrivals after renewed conflict broke out in 2011.

Kenya alone currently hosts nearly 500,000 Somali refugees, while Ethiopia has almost 250,000 registered. Small numbers of refugees are returning home, but ongoing security concerns make it difficult for many to face. The country’s political instability also leaves it poorly equipped to improve its education system or offer returning Somali’s worthwhile job opportunities.


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