Cord Leader Raila Vows to Name Kenya Eurobond Thieves


The leader of Kenya’s main opposition group, Raila Odinga, has vowed to name the individuals he claims have illegally profited from Kenya’s Eurobond saga.

The Cord leader insists the country lost more than Sh140 billion (nearly £100m) through mismanagement, which he describes as theft, of the bond that was supposed to settle loans and finance infrastructural development.


Raila’s stance unchanged

The former prime minister holds firm by his accusations and demanded the government comes clean about how the bond was used. However, Raila has refused to answer calls from numerous bodies to explain what he knows about the alleged corruption scandal.

Last week Raila was invited by the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission to reveal his knowledge and the opposition leader had already previously turned down the Treasury.

“How can you summon a whistle blower? Go for the thieves who emptied the country’s coffers,” he said at a public event this week. He also added: “I am not a madman when I complain that this government is engaging in mega corruption.”


Growing pressure on President Kenyatta

Mounting corruption scandals are putting Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta under increasing pressure to take action. He has been accused by Raila and other critics of allowing corruption to rule his government and taking a soft stance on those accused.

With little option other than to be seen to take action, the president has been talking tough – promising harsh punishments for anyone who is proven to have been involved. However, some opposition groups have said his dialogue is loaded with intimidation tactics to scare critics of his government.

“Those entrusted with public positions must be held to account and if found guilty the maximum punishment meted out,” Kenyatta said earlier this week. However, the president also had a message for anyone who accuses his government of wrongdoing:

“But the sword of justice cuts both ways,” he said. “If you make accusations and fail to prove them, you too will also be held accountable.”


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Raila Amolo Odinga – World Economic Forum on Africa 2008 2” by Copyright World Economic Forum ( Miller, – Raila Amolo Odinga – World Economic Forum on Africa 2008. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.