Displaced Kenyans Question How Sh500m El Niño Money Was Used


Displaced families in Kenya’s largest city are demanding an explanation of how Sh5 billion (£32m) set aside for El Niño has been spent.

More than 1,000 residents in Nakuru’s Kwa Rhonda estate have been displaced, due to heavy El Niño rains, and have had to dig trenches themselves to drain water from the area. With Sh500m having been apparently set aside to minimise the impact of El Niño, residents are asking where that money has been spent.


Failure to respond

The Kenyan government is now facing criticism for failing to devise a response strategy for El Niño – despite areas like Nakuru having been identified as one of the areas most prone to flooding.

El Niño can have a devastating impact on countries around the world, but it’s not something that creeps up on nations. This latest El Niño has been predicted to be the most damaging since records began and governments have had plenty of time to prepare.

“We need a breakdown of how Sh500 million meant for El Niño preparedness is being spent by the County government. We are suffering here yet we have not received any communication from the County government for the last two weeks.” one resident told the Kenyan press.


More questions about fund misuse

Government misuse of funds is a difficult topic in Kenya right now, as President Kenyatta comes under increasing pressure to stamp out corruption in the country. The president has been accused of doing nothing to stop corruption and graft dominating his government.

Governor Kinuthia Mbuguaa announced that Sh500 million would be used to implement an El Niño counter strategy in early October. However, residents in Nakuru’s Kwa Rhonda estate say they haven’t received any communication from the government’s preparedness team.


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