Djibouti rejects court ruling over handing terminal to DP World


Djibouti has publicly rejected the ruling of a UK court that requires the country to hand back control of a container terminal to Dubai-based port operator DP World.

Last week, The London Court of International Arbitration ordered Djibouti to restore DP World’s rights to run the Doraleh terminal, in accordance with a 25-year-long agreement that was signed in 2004. However, Djibouti’s government has rejected the ruling in a statement as the dispute continues, more than two years after authorities in Djibouti seized the port from DP World.

Djibouti rejects court ruling over disputed port

“This ruling comes as no surprise,” Djibouti’s government said in a statement. “It is the outcome of the iniquitous provisions of the concession, which could force a state to set aside and disregard its own law, to revive a concession that was terminated on the grounds of the higher interest of the Djiboutian nation.”

DP World released a statement of its own, expressing its will for “all parties to abide by the court’s ruling.”

The company says it has lost more than $1 billion in business since the Doraleh terminal was seized by authorities in Djibouti.

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