Eritrea closes border crossing for Ethiopian travellers


Eritrea has blocked entry for Ethiopians at two border crossings months after the border was fully opened, following a peace deal signed between the neighbouring countries.

Ethiopian officials and residents close to the border crossings – one in the Ethiopian town of Rama and another in Zalambessa – say Ethiopians attempting to make the crossing at either entry point are now being asked for permits. They say the restrictions are only being imposed on the Eritrea side of the crossing without any prior notice given to the public of Ethiopian government.

Eritrea closes two border crossing for Ethiopians

The recent peace efforts between Eritrea and Ethiopia have captured the world’s attention and received praise from global leaders and peace organisations. With tensions eased between the two countries, the border between these former war rivals was fully opened, allowing people from either side of the border to cross freely.

However, Eritrea now appears to be blocking Ethiopian travellers at two separate crossings in what could be the first setback in diplomatic relations between the two countries since signing a peace deal in July.

It’s not yet clear why Ethiopian travellers at the two crossings are being asked to show permits at this stage and Ethiopian officials say they have no information about the issue.

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