Ethiopia: 29 injured in ‘bomb attack’ at pro-Abiy rally


An explosion injured 29 people in the Ethiopian town of Ambo on Sunday at a rally in support of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

A police official described the incident as a “bomb attack” believed to have been carried out by the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), which officials are also blaming for assassination a top security official in Burayu on Friday, in which three other people were injured.

‘Bomb attack’ at pro-Abiy rally

Ethiopia is gearing up for election on August 29 with the campaign period beginning in May. However, a stark increase in ethnic violence since Prime Minister Aboy Ahmed came into power in April 2018 has left many questioning how peaceful any elections can be at this point.

The events on Friday and Sunday only add to such concerns.

The PM didn’t attend the rally on Sunday, which was organised by local officials in Ambo. However, 29 people were injured – most of whom were treated and sent home the same day. One person remained in hospital for further treatment.

Police say they have arrested six people in relation to the attack.

Featured image: “A Conversation with Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of Ethiopia” flickr photo by World Economic Forum shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

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