Ethiopia: Police find mass grave of 200 people


Police in Ethiopia have discovered a mass grave of 200 bodies between the neighbouring Oromo and Somali regions of the country.

Ethiopia’s stat affiliated media group Fana Broadcasting say police found the bodies while investigating alleged atrocities committed by former president of the Somali region, Abdi Mohammed. Abdi is awaiting trial over alleged killings committed by a local security force known as the Liyu police, which reported directly to him during his time in charge of the Somali region.

Police discover mass grave

Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced over the past year due to violence in and around Ethiopia’s eastern Somali region and an unknown number of people have been killed. Abdi Mohammed is accused of fueling ethnic clashes and overseeing widespread human rights abuses during his 13-year rule over the region.

He was forced to resign in August due to escalating violence and arrested on live television weeks later after allegations if his involvement surfaced.

Ethiopian police have been granted 14 days to investigate the alleged abuses during the former president’s time in charge. An estimated 200 bodies were found at the mass grave, which was discovered along the border between the neighbouring Oromo and Somali regions.

Police are now attempting to identify the bodies.

Featured image: Google Maps

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