Ethiopia sets August 2020 date for elections


Ethiopia’s electoral board on Wednesday announced it expects to hold national elections on 16 August 2020.

The election will be the first national vote since Prime Minister Aboy Ahmed took office power in April 2018. The PM has gained widespread praise for opening social and political freedoms since coming into power but his rule has been marred by a spread of ethnic tensions across the country.

Ethiopia set for August 2020 vote

According to Reuters, Ethiopia’s electoral board says the proposed 16 August date is tentative and could change in the coming months. Elections in Ethiopia are normally held in the month of May and some have criticised the decision to set a provisional date for August, due to the month bringing the country’s heaviest rainfall throughout the year.

Some political activists have accused the election board of deliberately attempting to create logistical issues that could prevent people from taking to the polls. With much of the country becoming inaccessible and government having full control over transportation services, some suggest an August election would favour the ruling party.

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