Ethiopia: Several people killed in ethnic clashes near Addis Ababa


Ethiopian officials have confirmed several people were killed over Saturday night during ethnic violence in the outskirts of the capital, Addis Ababa.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed condemned the clashes, which also forced hundreds to flee their homes, while some residents in the capital accuse youths from the surrounding Oromia region of sparking the deadly violence.

Deadly clashes in Ethiopia

According to police, the first attacks started late Saturday in the Burayu and Ashewa Meda outskirts. Head of the Oromia Police Commission Alemayehu Ejigu told the state broadcaster ETV on Sunday that 70 suspects have been arrested but didn’t suggest why the clashes broke out.

“Several lives were lost and properties damaged due to this attack,” Ejigu told ETV. “The perpetrators are criminals organized in groups to kill people and cause damages to the properties of targeted citizens.”

The violence follows tension in the capital after youths from Oromia marched into the city with flags representing the Oromo movement last week. Dozens of Addis Ababa residents protested outside ETV’s studios on Sunday, accusing the Oromo youths of being responsible for the weekend’s violence and demanding justice.

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