EU accuses Eritrea of fuelling Ethiopian conflict


The European Union (EU) has accused Eritrean troops of fuelling conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region between local forces and the federal government.

According to the EU, the presence of Eritrean troops is “exacerbating ethnic violence” in Tigray with the organisation calling for Eritrea to withdraw its troops from neighbouring Ethiopia, echoing previous calls from the US.

EU calls for withdrawal of Eritrean troops

In a joint statement published on the EEAS website on Monday, the EU said it “remains very concerned by the tragic humanitarian crisis unfolding in Tigray and its regional implications,” referencing difficulties in humanitarian groups delivering vital aid to vulnerable people caught up in Ethiopia’s civil conflict.

The statement moves on to accuse Eritrean troops of fuelling conflict in neighbouring Ethiopia, urging Asmara to withdraw its military presence.

“The EU joins the United States’ call for the withdrawal of Eritrean troops from Ethiopia, which are fuelling the conflict in Tigray, reportedly committing atrocities, and exacerbating ethnic violence,” the statement reads.

It also calls for investigations and judicial proceedings to ensure full accountability for reports violations and abuses committed by troops on all sides of the conflict.

Featured image: “European Union Flags 2” flickr photo by DesignRecipe shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license