EU announces €43.5 million fund for South Sudan food crisis


The EU has announced a new funding package worth €43.5 ($51 million) to help South Sudan deal with one of the worst food shortages in its history.

The EU’s commissioner for crisis management, Janez Lenarčič, announced the new aid package on Thursday, telling reporters that the funds will be used to help those in need of protection and food assistance, as well as those affected by natural and man-made disasters.

EU announces fund package for South Sudan food shortage

South Sudan is facing one of the worst instances of food insecurity in the country’s short history with a combination of unpredictable weather, natural disasters and man-caused damage to agricultural infrastructure during the country’s five-year-long civil war.

Speaking to journalists in the capital Juba on Thursday, European Commissioner for Crisis Management, Janez Lenarčič, said South Sudan is no course for its worst food crisis ever.

“The humanitarian situation across South Sudan is extremely dire. Parts of this youngest African country are facing famine-like conditions and the country as a whole is bracing itself for the worst food crisis ever,” he said.

He warned that international interest in the country’s plight has dropped, which makes the outlook even bleaker for Africa’s youngest nation.

“There seems to be little international interest in this acute situation in the country. Only five donors, including the European Commission, account for almost 77% of the total aid to South Sudan. This lack of interest risks turning this already disastrous situation into a forgotten crisis,” he said.

“A scale-up of the humanitarian response is urgently needed from all donors to ensure adequate capacities are in place. Not getting things right now will make matters even worse next year with even more lives being lost,”

Featured image: “Hearing of Janez Lenarčič (Slovenia) – Crisis management” flickr photo by European Parliament shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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