HRW: Uganda’s media clampdown intensifies


Human Rights Watch (HRW) says the Ugandan government is intensifying its clampdown on media and press freedoms in the East African country.

In a recent report, HRW lists a chronology of recent examples of authorities in Uganda targeting media and press organisations deemed to support opposition groups in the country or report on topics that aren’t approved by the state.

HRW condemns Ugandan media authorities

“Uganda is once again targeting media outlets it believes to be critical of the government,” the rights group says in the report. “Last week, Uganda’s media regulatory body, the Ugandan Communications Commission (UCC), accused 13 radio and television stations of violating broadcasting standards over their coverage of opposition groups.”

The body demanded five of the media outlets explain why their licenses should not be suspended while cautioning several others and suspending a radio show, HRW adds.

“This is just the latest example of the authorities targeting political opposition activities,” the report says.

Human Rights Watch also references last week’s cancellation of yet another Bobi Wine concert. The popular musician and opposition MP has become a prime target for authorities in Uganda in recent years.

HRW is calling on Uganda to “stop targeting media for giving airtime to political opponents or critics with dissenting views.”

Featured image: HRW

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