Kenya: Al-Shabaab kills police officer in Mandera


Somalian Islamist group Al-Shabaab killed a policeman in Kenya on Thursday, during an attack on a police station in Mandera County.

The militant group conduction simultaneous attacks in Mandera on Thursday. Two different police stations were targeted in separate attacks while a mobile telecoms mast in Lafey town was also attacked, raising concerns ahead of next week’s presidential elections.


Shabaab kills police officer

As security forces dealt with three separate attacks in the early hours of Thursday morning, one police offer was killed in a gun fight. Security officers battled with Al-Shabaab gunmen for several hours, during which one militant was killed and another injured.

Another police officer was injured during the attack and a local woman who lives near the police station was also wounded by a stray bullet.

Regional commissioner Mohamud Saleh says the slain police officer was killed outside his house, dismissing reports that he was butchered by the militant extremists.


Second police station, mast attacked

As security forces battled one group of Al-Shabaab fighters, two other attacks were in process. Another police station was also targeted but Saleh says officers managed to fend off the militants without casualty, contrary to earlier reports.

“All our officers were accounted for contrary to earlier reports that there are some who were either missing or had been kidnapped,” he said.

Meanwhile, a telecommunications mast was attacked by a third group in Lafey. However, they were fought off by security officer manning the facility. The mast was recently upgraded to 3G ahead of next week’s elections.

Saleh assured residents in the area that the government is doing everything it can to ensure security during the presidential election on Tuesday.


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