Kenya attempts to deport Miguna Miguna again


Kenyan authorities are trying to deport opposition politician Miguna Miguna for the second time, according to a human rights group in the country.

Despite court orders that Miguna should be allowed into the country, Kamanda Mucheke of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights says the opposition member was denied entry on Monday. According to Mucheke, police officers attempted to force Miguna onto a flight headed for Dubai but the plan ended up leaving without the opposition figure.

Miguna denied entry into Kenya

On Tuesday, Kamanda Mucheke revealed that Miguna had arrived in Kenya the previous day, following court orders that ruled he was allowed to enter the country. However, the rights official says Miguna was refused entry at the international terminal at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Monday afternoon.

The politician then staged a protest, forcing police officers to cordon off part of the terminal. Mucheke said about 50 police officers then seized Miguna and attempted to force him onto an Emirates flight heading for Dubai. A video which appeared to have been taken by one of the airline’s crew members shows Miguna being forced into the aircraft.

“You cannot take me from [my] country by force. … You cannot chase me from my country of birth because you have guns,” can be heard saying in the video.

Mucheke said the flight ultimately left without Miguna on board.

Kenyan-born Miguna was deported from the East African country to Canada in February on the grounds of “being in the country illegally”. Miguna also has Canadian citizenship and Kenyan authorities forced him out of the country following his participation in a ceremony swearing in opposition leader Raila Odinga as the “people’s president” and rightful winner of last year’s election.

Before police hustled Miguna to the Emirates plane on Monday, he told one reporter through a glass door: “Even bullets won’t stop me.”

Featured image: By Miguna Miguna, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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