Kenya: Envoys Condemn CORD Protest Violence, Call for Talks


Kenya’s twelve biggest donors have condemned violence at protests on Monday which killed three people in two separate incidents.

The deaths follow complaints of police brutality during protests held last week. The Coalition for Reform and Democracy (CORD) party is demanding electoral reforms in Kenya as protests move into their fourth consecutive week.


Police shoot 2 dead

The police confirmed on Monday that officers had shot two dead during protests staged in Siaya. A statement from the police said its officers fired in self-defence. A third man also died from head injuries in Kisumu after falling over as he tried to run away from tear gas.

The Kenyan government deemed the protests illegal last week, deploying riot police to disperse gathering crowds. Pictures showing injuries to protestors and alleged police violence soon began circulating across social media. Reports later claimed police were using live bullets in their drills



Envoys condemn violence

Kenya’s key donors publicly condemned the news of violence on Monday, calling for talks to be arranged between the political rivals immediately.

“We strongly urge all Kenyans to come together to de-escalate the situation and to resolve their differences, taking every opportunity for inclusive dialogue,” a statement read on Monday.

CORD’s protestors against the IEBC, which is largely funded by the likes of Britain and other donors, are demanding a new body to replace the existing commission. They claim the organisation is biased to the governing Jubilee coalition and guilty of corrupting the election process.

Western diplomats have called on the Kenyan governments to initiate dialogue with the opposition group and bring a peaceful end to the protests.

“We urge the Government of Kenya to investigate the actions of the security services and to hold accountable anyone responsible for the use of excessive force,” the envoys said.


Featured image: Twitter