Kenya foils Al-Shabaab attack, arrests six militants


Kenya says is has foiled a planned terrorist attack orchestrated by Somali extremist group Al-Shabaab after arrested six suspected terrorists.

Police say the group of six – which included two Kenyans – were caught trying to cross the border with explosives and firearms when they were arrested in Mandera. The group remains in detention where they are being interrogated in an effort to uncover their support networks in both countries.


Planning an attack

According to a press release from Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett, the group was planning to carry out a deadly attack on Kenya soil before they were caught in a joint operation of Kenyan and Somali security forces.

“The six had been dispatched from Burhache in Somalia by their commander with arsenal to launch an attack in Kenya,” Boinett said. “All the six are currently under heavy security and being interrogated with a view to uncovering their entire support network both in Kenya and Somalia for further action”.

The two Kenya nationals – Abdulahi Daud Adan and Ismail Issack – who are both from Mandera Central, are believed to be the ones in charge of the planned attack. The other four suspects have been identified as Mohammed Ali Weythow, Hassan Adan Bulle, Hassan Mohamed Jama and Ahmed Muhhamed Muse – all of whom are from Somalia.


Weapons seized

According to Boinett, the group had a collection of explosives and firearms, including anti-personnel explosive devices, four suicide vests and materials for bombs – including trinitrotoluene – plus fragmentation objects like nails, ball bearings and screw nuts.

Boinett credited the collaboration between Somalia and local authorities for the success of the operation. He also thanked members of the public for supporting local security forces in their efforts against Al-Shabaab.

The operation comes days after Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery promised the government will not back down against the militant group. He said the National Police Service had lost 20 officers in the previous ten days as a result of terrorist activities.


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