Kenya: Nairobi Shortlisted for Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Cities Project


The Kenyan capital Nairobi has been shortlisted to be included in the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities project.

The scheme will provide technical support to the city to help it cope with the increasing physical, social and economic challenges facing major cities around the world.


Nairobi in the first 100 cities

The project, which already has 63 existing member cities, welcomed another 37 into the ‘first 100’ on Wednesday. Nairobi is one of six African cities on the list of new recruits, which also includes the Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa, Nigeria’s Lagos, Luxor in Egypt, Liberia’s Paynesville and Cape Town in South Africa.

The project isn’t reserved for developing cities, though – major cities from Britain, the US, Canada, South Korea and the Netherlands also make the list. Michael Berkowitz, president of 100 Resilient Cities, says the aim is to eventually include 1,000 cities in the scheme and later 10,000.


The challenges of modern cities

100 Resilient Cities, which is backed by the Rockefeller family, targets the key challenges preventing sustainable growth in major cities around the world. The ability to deal with “acute shocks” – including earthquakes, floods, disease outbreaks and terrorist attacks – are a priority for those involved.

The scheme also aims to tackle the “chronic stresses” many cities find themselves dealing with. These include high unemployment, inefficient public transportation, endemic violence and chronic water and food shortages.

Those are all struggles people in the city of Nairobi can relate to and 100 Resilient Cities aims to put robust strategies in place to ensure the Kenyan capital and other major cities can cope with the challenges thrown at them.


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