Kenya: Opposition strategist arrested after warning government over election


Chief Strategist for Kenyan opposition party National Super Alliance (NASA), David Ndii, has been arrested after he fired a warning to the country’s government over its recent election fiasco.

Through a statement released on the coalition’s website, Ndii said that the group will do everything it takes to achieve electoral justice in Kenya. He accused the government justifying extrajudicial killings and police brutality throughout the country’s prolonged electoral troubles.

On Sunday, his family was notified of his arrest.

David Ndii arrested

According to NASA, Ndii was taken away from the coastal Diani area late on Sunday. His family was allegedly informed of his whereabouts at Diani beach police station but were unable to locate him when they went there.

“The family was told that he had been taken to the Diani beach police station, but when they went there they were told he was not there nor did they know where he was. No reason was given for his arrest,” said Salim Lone, an adviser for NASA leader Raila Odinga.

At this stage, Ndii’s whereabouts remain unknown.

“NASA lawyers from Nairobi and the coast are trying to locate where he is being held,” Lone confirmed. The coalition says no reason was given for Ndii’s arrest.

Calls for Ndii’s release

While NASA leaders are demanding an explanation for Ndii’s arrest, authorities are denying all knowledge and supporters are calling for his release on social media. The opposition strategist has a strong following of 200,000 on Twitter and tens of thousands have already tweeted under the hashtag #FreeNdii.

Activists, prominent lawyers, bloggers and everyday citizens are calling for his release – including various figures who don’t entirely agree with his political rhetoric.


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