Kenya postpones ruling on criminalised homosexuality


Kenya’s high court has postponed a ruling on whether to repeal sections of the law that criminalise homosexuality in the country.

The ruling was originally scheduled for Friday but the court instead announced the ruling will be postponed until May. Justice Chacha Mwita addressed a courtroom filled with members of Kenya’s LGBT community, their supporters and journalists to announce the dealy, which was met with gasps from the audience.

High court postpones gay ban ruling

“You may not like the news I have today,” Justice Mwaita told the courtroom on Friday. “We are still working. One of our colleagues is still on leave. We ask you to give us up to May.”

The ruling has now been postponed until May 24, which has angered members of the LGBT community who are pushing for same-sex relationships to be decriminalised. Activists argue sections 162 A and C and section 165 of the penal code – which mean people who are convicted of same-sex relationships can face up to 14 years in prison – will continue to infringe on LGBT rights and deprive people of privacy and dignity as a result of the postponement.

However, some representatives acknowledged the complexity of the task facing the high court and accepted that delays are possible – as long as the correct ruling and legal amendments are reached in May.

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