Kenya: Residents Kill Suspected Robber, Take Firearm


Residents in Kenya’s Kiambiu Estate, Buruburu, attacked and killed a suspected robber on Saturday night and recovered a firearm that was found to belong to the Kenya Police Service.

Resident Jennifer Akinyi Were told reporters she raised the alarm after discovering three robbers were trying to break into her neighbour’s house. After she alerted her fellow residents a number of them went to confront the group, one of them not making it out alive from the confrontation.


Robber beaten to death

Two fo the robbers managed to escape the area but one of the trio was beaten to death. Residents informed the police that the deceased was a resident of the nearby Kiambiu slums but no details have been officially released.

“He was a very quiet man who rarely talked to people. No one would have suspected him,” one resident told Nation.

His body was taken to City Mortuary but the police have said nothing about an investigation or potential charges against those who killed him. This isn’t the first time a suspected robber has been killed by angry residents. In March, a 22-year-old man was beaten to death at his girlfriend’s home. He was suspected to have stolen property from residents in the neighbouring Gem Sub County.


Police firearm recovered

During Sunday’s attack on the Kiambiu robbers a firearm was recovered from the deceased, which was later confirmed to belong to the Kenya Police Service. Nairobi County Police Commander Japheth Koome confirmed the firearm was police-issued said they hadn’t yet been able to establish how it was taken.

“The firearm is being kept at Shauri Moyo police station. We have circulated the details of the firearm to all the police stations and the Central Firearms Bureau,” he told the press.


Featured image: Public domain