Kenya: Two policemen killed in suspected Al-Shabaab attack


Gunmen killed two police officers guarding a church on Sunday, in an attack which authorities say looks like a terrorist attack.

Police say four gunmen approached the two officers, who were stationed at an Anglican church along Kenya’s southern coast, and opened fire with AK-47 rifles before fleeing the scene on a motorbike.


Two officers killed

Regional police chief Larry Kiyeng gave details of the attack to Reuters on Sunday, following the incident. He told the publication that one officer died on the spot while the other later died in hospital.

“One officer was shot in the head and died on the spot while the other … died in hospital,” he told Reuters.

While he said it’s too early to confirm who was involved in the attack, he suggested: “you can almost pinpoint Al-Shabaab elements from the nature of the attack.”


No word from Al-Shabaab

Despite police suspecting Al-Shabaab as the group behind Sunday’s attack, the militant group hasn’t yet claimed responsibility – something it’s normally quick to do. Kiyeng says the attackers’ motive was to steal guns from the two officers and plan further attacks in Kenya.

He is calling on residents in the area to remain calm and offer any information they might have regarding Sunday’s attack.


Featured image: By Nairobi123 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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