Kenya, Uganda Innovators Hailed for Work Against Gender Violence


Kenya and Uganda innovators are among a group of nine teams around the world to be awarded for their work against gender-based violence.

The World Bank Group and non-profit organisation, Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI), have awarded the nine groups a total of $1.2 million for their innovations. Teams from Bangladesh, Brazil, Kenya, Lebanon, Moldova, Peru, Thailand, Turkey, and Uganda were all awarded grants.


Kenya, Uganda awarded

The World Vision Kenya team was among two East African groups awarded at the event, comprising of: Phiona Koyiet, William Marwanga, Mary Mugo, Margaret Njenga, Catherine Omenda and Kevina Power. Their award related to schemes for helping men with mental health issues and other problem management support programmes to reduce cases of gender-based violence in urban Kenya.

The Ugandan team awarded at the event was made up of Paul Fleming, Fred K. Nalugoda, Gertrude Nakigozi, Neema Nakyanjo and Jennifer A. Wagman. They were given their share of the grant funds for developing programmes to help prevent violence against women and girls by their partners in rural Uganda.


SVRI team up with World Bank

SVRI teamed up with World Bank last year to prepare for its 2016 event, which is designed to raise awareness of sexual violence in developing nations and reward those fighting against it.

This year’s event was held at the World Bank headquarters in Washington DC, with President Jim Yong Kim acting as one of the panellists.

“With these awards, we hope to spark further innovation to prevent gender-based violence,” he said at the event.

“Gender-based violence exists in every region, every sector, and every socioeconomic stratum, but we now have a growing body of evidence that it can be prevented.”


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