Kenyan Army Accused of Extrajudicial Killings


Lawmakers from northern Kenya have accused the country’s army of extrajudicial killing after 25 bodies were discovered in shallow graves in Mandera County on Sunday.

Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow also claimed to have evidence that most of the individuals gone missing over the last few years were taken by Kenya Defence Force (KDF) soldiers.

“We even know the individual KDF members involved in the kidnapping, disappearance and killing of our people, and we will stop at nothing short of individual accountability,”  Mr Kerrow told the Kenyan press.

He says the majority of people who have gone missing in the last three years were forced into KDF unmarked vehicles and driven to military camps.


Shallow graves

The 25 bodies were discovered on Sunday after the graves were spotted by herdsman in the Lethe area. Lawmakers held a press conference on Monday at the Parliament Buildings in Nairobi, where they accused the government of doing nothing to stop extrajudicial killings by the KDF. Civil rights groups have often reported of human rights violations being carried out by the army.

Mr Kerrow said leaders in the north will approach the UN and International Criminal Court for assistance, insisting the army is guilty of crimes against humanity. More than 100 people have reportedly disappeared at the hands of the KDF in the region.

“The victims are picked up in Mandera Town both at night and in broad daylight by KDF officers and then disappear,” said Mr Kerrow.

For those kidnapped by the Kenyan army, a military camp in Wajir is the final destination. There are no visits, no judicial process; these people never get to see their families again.


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Flag of the Kenya Defence Forces” by Fry1989 eh?NikNaks[1]. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.