Kenyans flee to Uganda ahead of election


Hundreds of Kenyans are crossing the border into Uganda each day ahead of presidential elections next week, as fears over potential violence increase.

Tensions are on the rise ahead of Kenya’s vote on Tuesday and sources at the border say the majority of Kenyans leaving belong to the Kikuyu tribe, which President Uhuru Kenyatta also belongs to.


Kenyans leave ahead of elections

Various reports have already cited Kenyans leaving the capital, Nairobi, ahead of Tuesday’s polls but hundreds are also choosing to leave the country altogether. According to sources at the border, the majority of those leaving have rented apartments in various parts of Uganda while some have relocated their entire family.

However, the number of Kenyans leaving has been overshadowed by Ugandans who work in Kenya returning to their home country.

“It’s true that we are receiving a number of people coming from Kenya into the country, but the majority of them have been Ugandans working in Kenya who are returning back home,” one border migration officer said.


Featured image: By DEMOSH from Nairobi, Kenya – Nairobi view 1, CC BY 2.0,

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