Norway agree to take 600 refugees evacuated from Libya


Norway on Wednesday agreed to welcome 600 refugees that have been evacuated to Rwanda from horrific conditions in Libyan detention centres.

Following an agreement between Rwanda, the African Union and the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) in September, the East African nation as accepted more than 800 refugees being held in Libya. Many of the Asylum seekers come from Horn of Africa nations, including Eritrea.

Norway agrees to take 600 migrants

In a statement sent to The Associated Press, Norway’s Justice and Immigration Minister Joaran Kallmyr said the decision to take on 600 of the refugees was to send a strong message that the country doesn’t support the illegal smuggling of vulnerable people.

Since the migrant crisis peaked in 2015, European authorities have increased efforts to prevent African migrants from crossing the Mediterranean. This includes a controversial agreement with authorities in Libya who intercept and detain migrants in conditions described as “inhumane” by Human Rights Watch.

The United Nations estimates that 4,700 asylum seekers remain in Libyan detention centres, some of which are run by militias in the midst of the country’s ongoing civil war.

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