Poor Education & Insecurity Dents Kenya’s Governance Ranking


Kenya’s declining standard of education and security concerns are holding back the country’s development, according to a new governance report.

The Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) annual report shows that, while the country has improved its overall score in the rankings, education and national security in Kenya are key areas that need to be improved.


A better Kenya overall

The report shows that quality of life for people living in Kenya is on the rise, overall. The IIAG assess a total of 93 indicators, categorised into four groups: Safety and Rule of Law, Participation and Human Rights, Sustainable Economic Opportunity and Human Development.

Kenya ranked 14th out of the 54 African nations in this year’s annual assessment, highlighting the progress it has made in recent years.

“Kenya’s performance is largely positive, with a rank of 14th on the continent in overall governance,” the report says. “This good positioning within the rankings is complemented by the progress the country has made in overall governance since 2011.”


Education, national security must improve

Education has been a key talking point in Kenya, following teacher strikes that started in September. However, as teachers unions in Kenya demand more money, the IIAG shows the standard of eduction has dropped over the last four years, “as a result of downward trajectories.”

A major concern is the ratio of teachers to pupils, as more students enrol, leaving Kenya among the worst performers across Africa in this regard. The good news is that enrolments and literacy are both on the rise, but the country needs to work harder to meet the growing education demands of young people.

Aside from education, national security is the other concern highlighted by the report.

“Kenya has exhibited both low and falling scores in personal safety and national security. In the former, Kenya ranks 35th on the continent, with a score of 39.1, lower than the African average,” it says.

Kenya has had a difficult year in terms of national security, following terrorist attacks which prompted travel warnings from the UK and other nations. Human tracking and human rights have both been highlighted as concerns for people living in Kenya.


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